In 1935, Anna Peterson, along with her husband, Aage Peterson started a small apparels business in an humble Old Mill House in Brande, Denmark, with a dream to design clothes that were fashionable, comfortable and accessible to all. 


Besides being the name of our founder, Anna also stands for beauty and grace and throughout history, many bold, gorgeous and adorable women have carried this name, which both in writing and sound is harmonic, beautiful and positive.


Over the formative years, the BTX Group found a deep connection with it’s women consumers and so began the journey, that over several decades has provided unchartered insight and in-depth knowledge into women’s fashion.


86 years later, we continue Anna's vision to bring you clothes that Fit Well, Look Good and Feel Great! 


Expertise in Design and Fit 

From the modest beginnings in an Old Mill House to selling in over 3000 retailer doors all over Europe, we have learned over time and generations the needs and expectations of our women consumers.

Over the last 86 years, we have catered to millions of women consumers across geographies and have had the opportunity and privilege to deepen our understanding of the role 'fitting' plays in the design process.

Our design process recognises the marriage between style and comfort. We fuse the latest trends with high quality fabrics, sourced from all over the world, to design clothes with the utmost care in fitting. We learn from what our consumers say, we try to understand their needs, what matters to them and how can we bring joy to their hearts.

Our team of 20+ designers and artists work tirelessly in our pursuit to deliver designs with heavy emphasis on fitting without comprising the fashion content. 

We aspire not only to bring you our designs, but also, to deliver an experience.

Welcome to B. Copenhagen!