Workwear Staples for the Modern Woman

What's more challenging than a Monday morning? Figuring out what to wear for work on a Monday morning. Nailing the 9-to-5 wardrobe game is definitely one way of feeling confident in the way we carry ourselves at work. Having a set of premium workwear that we can rely on, not only to make us look professional, but also feel our very best, is at the very core of B. Copenhagen’s wardrobe staples. So read on to find your next favorite from these timeless and versatile picks, that are chic, effortless and most importantly, take little to no time to recreate!

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For a more put-together office look, opt for a work blouse to strike the perfect balance between professional and effortless! Your blouses need not be boring, so make sure to include a variety in either solid colours, patterns, or fabrics - anything that allows you to mix-and-match your wardrobe with any trouser or pair of denims that you may own. The choice is all yours!

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For a more traditional office setting, a classic black blazer with a pair of plaid or checkered trousers is a classic look that will always feel polished and professional. And speaking of pants, we just so happen to have a pair of comfortable trousers that are a must-have! Pair these with a single-breasted blazer or statement shirt for an elegant and powerful look.

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The beauty of a dress lies in its effortlessness. We have a collection of dresses that are perfect for the office, while also making you look sophisticated for any last minute meeting that may pop up! Case in point: this Navy Midi Dress. Not only is this dress versatile, but it’s also flattering in a way that will give it a permanent, once-a-week status in your workwear wardrobe.

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Here comes the OG of all shirts, and one of the most classic items in the wardrobe. Especially as a workwear essential, this versatile piece that can be styled in so many different ways. A solid white shirt is the most classic item of your wardrobe which you will never get tired of!

So if you’re ever bored of your wardrobe, make sure to check out pieces from our collection -  these unique silhouettes and ultra-modern yet comfortable looks will make your workdays effortlessly stylish and chic.