Welcome to B. Copenhagen!

To our wonderful and supportive Like ANNA family,
It all began with a dream that manifested into reality - one brand, expanding into many. We are extremely overwhelmed and appreciative of the love that we have received from all of you since our foray into the country. For us, clothes are so much more than just pieces of fabric being put together. Apart from being an integral part of who we are, it's a vital extension of our personality; it’s a choice we make every day that helps us express ourselves and has the power to give us the confidence to take on the day and do the unexpected.
Keeping this philosophy in mind, we are extremely ecstatic to announce that Like ANNA India is now giving the floor to its star brand B. Copenhagen - a brand designed with a vision to create clothes that boosts women’s confidence and makes them feel comfortable yet stylish in all settings
Our focus has always been on bringing you the best of what we have to offer and Copenhagen has always been instrumental in serving as an inspiration to us. 
Just like its namesake city, B.Copenhagen places an emphasis on women with a modern attitude and urban lifestyle. Whether you are striving to look fashionable on your next stroll through the city, embrace your inner boss in that next business meeting, or be glamorous and feminine during cocktail hour, B. Copenhagen has got you covered with its bold prints, sophisticated style and vibrant hues!
We want you to feel good in our clothes, feel empowered, and discover the best of Copenhagen with B. Copenhagen. But most of all, we want you to embrace your unique self. It's time to B. Adventurous, B. Elegant and B. Confident.  
Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey with us! We are extremely excited and can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds for us.